22.09. 2017 Rahvusvahelise KML päeva moto – Täna, Koos

 Today, Together

 … is still the motto of the 2017 World CML Day campaign but we give one step more..

Today, together we are treated. 

                            Tomorrow we need cure! 


One day, one community, one life changing reality… Today, we are together to take a stand, share our needs and raise awareness!

This year again on World CML Day 9/22 leukemia patients worldwide are united to address the courage and hope required to live with chronic myeloid leukemia and are calling for access to best available treatment and care for all patients but also for the development of a cure for our disease.

This is our 10th World CML Day celebration and since 2015 we celebrate World CML Day 22/9 under the motto TODAY, TOGETHER! This time, we want to add the following to the main message: “Today, together we are treated. Tomorrow, we need cure!”

For more information about this year’s campaign you can watch in the video presentation: World CML Day 2017: Achievements and Outlook

Why “Today, Together”?

“Today” covers the CML practical/technical agenda from all audiences point of view:

*Where we are



*Best Practices

*Call to action

“Together” covers the CML community and emotional aspect, globally and in close networks around individuals:

*We are a community

*There is support

*Beyond the disease



Why “Today we are treated. Tomorrow we need a cure”?

Today, we are treated Tomorrow, we need a cure
Today we are all together united and we, the patients, are mostly treated and monitored well! But, there is more that we want from tomorrow. We want and need cure!



To help our members communicate the umbrella message “Today, Together”  for World CML Day 2017 the CML Advocates Network encourages our members to use just ONE message for all audiences:


  • General Public:  Today, together we are treated. Tomorrow we need a cure!
  • Patients & Relatives:  Today, together we are treated. Tomorrow we need a cure!
  • Health Care Professionals:  Today, together we are treated. Tomorrow we need a cure!
  • Policy Makers:  Today, together we are treated. Tomorrow we need a cure!