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Rahvusvahelise Verevähi kuu raames korraldab CML Advocates Network ülemaailmse kampaania, millega on võimalik kõigil patsientidel ühineda. Kõiki on kutsutud jagama WhatsAppis oma KML loo fotosid ja videoid, kasutades käesolva uudisloo lõpus toodud linki. Samuti kutsutakse kõiki üles kasutama alltoodud ülemaailmse KML-i päeva 2020 kampaania teemaviiteid.

For Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patient Group Advocates

CML Advocates Network, August 2020


September 2020 is approaching fast and the patient advocacy community worldwide have important dates to look forward to:


Blood Cancer Awareness Month

This is an international event taking place each September to raise awareness of blood cancers and disorders, and the incredible second chance at life that blood stem cell donors give to those in need.

Do not miss the opportunity of joining the global campaign and highlight the blood cancer patient challenges.


World Leukemia Day

This is a global campaign run in collaboration by patient groups including the CML Advocates Network from across the globe.

According to the International Agency for Research of Cancer of the World Health Organization, the number of new leukemia cases in 2018 (both sexes, all ages) was over 437.000.


We encourage our CML Advocates Network members to support all leukemia patients by joining the global campaign in 2020 as an excellent opportunity to build alliances and synergies with other leukemia patient organizations in their countries and regions.

More information and resources to join the global campaign:


World CML Day

Every year on 22nd September the CML global community lead by the CML Advocates Network holds the World CML Day. 9/22 represents the genetic change of chromosomes 9 and 22 that is the cause of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML).

COVID-19 has had a marked impact on the activity of patient organisations all over the world and many members of the CML Advocates Network will be limited in what they can organise for World CML Day 2020.


Therefore, we call on the global CML patient advocacy community and all collaborators to join the World CML Day 2020 campaign under a common voice:

 #TodayTogether #MoreThanEver #ForALifeWithoutCML


Find out more about how to be involved in the World CML Day 2020 campaign:Adding the new World CML Day logo in your awareness materials and events.

Sharing the World CML Day 2020 images and animations (free downloadable at

Join the Voices of CML virtual event by sending us your CML story or include the message “Today, together, more than ever. For a life without CML” in a short video or image by Whatsapp.

Tagging all your awareness activities and posts with #WCMLDay20 #TodayTogether #MoreThanEver


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