The aim of our Society to connect and support everyone affected by blood disorders – patients, their loved ones, healthcare professionals and all like-minded people. We inform the Estonian population about the prevention and early detection of leukemia and lymphoma and other blood diseases, and we help patients who are already ill and adapt to their disease. We stand up for our patient’s rights and help to improve access to essential health care and medicines for current and future patients.

ELLL is a non-profit association which operates through donations. We can be supported by individuals and corporations. Every donation, small or large, helps ELLL to continue to work for the benefit of patients with blood disorders. A permanent donation is a good way to make a monthly contribution, you can find a form below. For a one-time donation, please choose one that fills out the form below or transfers it to our bank account:

MTÜ Eesti Leukeemia ja Lümfoomihaigete Liit

EE521010220049950017 (SEB Bank)

Toeta meid

There is an income tax benefit associated with the donation  

ELL is on the list of organizations with income tax benefits. This means that an individual can claim an income tax refund from any donation (the donor’s personal identification code and the amount of the donation will be forwarded to us by the Tax and Customs Board and will be reflected in the pre-filled income tax return). There is an income tax-deductible donation for the company, which makes up to 10% of the profit of the previous financial year or 3% of the salary fund subject to social tax for the current calendar year. The Union will also provide data on donations from legal entities from the Tax and Customs Board at the beginning of the next financial year.

When making a donation, also enter your personal identification code – this will give you the opportunity to declare the donation and receive a refund of income tax on the amount of the donation. If you wish, you can enter your name and e-mail, but you can also remain an anonymous helper. By entering your information, you agree to our privacy policy.